1993-2002 Polaris SL, SLX Cover Charcoal/Lt Grey

1993-2002 Polaris SL, Polaris 2000-2002 SLX Cover Charcoal/Lt Grey (Two Seater)

Poppy Company covers are very high quality fitted covers. They are made in the USA out of SurLast® fabric which is made in the USA. It is fit for each model and has the Vacu-Hold trailering system which makes it the perfect for mooring cover, storage cover or trailerable cover. It's easy to use and will last a long long time, tow hook opening, top stitched seams, 2 year warranty, Made in the USA

Please note:

"Trailerable custom cover for 1998 through 2002 Polaris SL models.  This cover incorporates the vacu-hold system which will pull the cover down onto the watercraft to dramatically reduce wind whip to protect the finish on your PWC.  The cover also incorporates mirror pockets for the 1998 through 2002 models.   

This cover will also fit earlier models (1993 to 1997).  If used for trailering on these models, the cover will require partial removal of the cover for fueling as the gas cap access panel of the cover is on the side.  The vacu-hold system still works very well, but poke the unused mirror pockets in and up to prevent them from minor flapping. If your 1993-1997 has mirrors, the mirror pockets are in the wrong spot for your year and then should not be used for trailering"
1993-2002 Polaris SL Cover
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